Thank you very much for the trust and preference with which you have honored Garden Palace Hotel until today. Once again, we’re putting your safety and that of our partners as the highest priority, against the fight to prevent the transmission and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Maintaining excellent hygiene and cleanliness standards has always been a matter of honor for our accommodation, a fact that makes us feel very proud.
Following faithfully the official instructions of the World Health Organization, in consultation with the Ministry of Health of Greece and the responsible bodies, we have proceeded to the strict imposition of the following protection measures on our facilities:
1. The Health First certification mark is posted in a visible place (Entrance).
2. There is a comprehensive action plan in case of a suspected Covid-19 case.
3. Appropriate training of staff on the action plan and new work protocols have been provided.
4. The staff uses gloves, masks, antiseptic wipes, aprons and long-sleeved robes.
5. There is the possibility of contactless payment and check-in transactions.
6. The time between check-out and new customer entry into the room has been expanded: check out 10 am & check in 3 pm 
7. It is forbidden for non-resident visitors to enter the rooms.
8. Special plexiglass are installed at the reception.
9. The reception desk and card keys are disinfected frequently.
10. Antiseptic liquids have been placed in the hotel premises for use by customers.
11. We follow the appropriate layout of the space to avoid overcrowding (4p /10 sq.m.) and there are disinfection stations at key points.
12. The cleaning and disinfection measures in the W.C.s are being intensified.
13. Floor hygiene services are being intensified and strengthened.
(Use of washing machine at 70oC and above, keeping a cleaning record etc.)
14. Lower room cleaning frequency is maintained during the stay, in order to avoid contact of employees with customers. Higher room ventilation frequency. Abolition of daily change of clothing and towels, unless the customer requests it.
15. Individual antiseptics are placed in each room, and shared objects and decorations are removed.
16. Appropriate hygiene and work measures are taken by the staff in the catering sector.
17. Up to 6 people/table unless it is a family.
18. We comply with the appropriate capacity and distances between tables in outdoor and indoor dining areas.
19. We comply with the appropriate maximum capacity in the care and retail services.
20. Amusement parks/playgrounds operate only outdoors until further notice.
21. The necessary maintenance and disinfection works of the water supply network have been carried out, before the start of operation.
22. The necessary maintenance and disinfection work has been carried out for swimming pools /spas before the start of operation.
23. There is a spatial and temporal separation of vulnerable and non-vulnerable groups of bathers in the common areas of the pools.
24. We comply with the limit of up to 1 swimmer per 5 sq.m. of water surface. Number of total swimmers: 15
25. We comply with the limit distance of 2 meters per seat in different umbrellas or two people living in a different room.
26. The equipment and towels are disinfected after each customer use.
27. There are disinfection stations in recreational water areas, toilets and showers.
28. There is a sign for maintaining a physical distance of 1.5m and for avoiding games, activities that require close physical contact.
29. There’s requent cleaning of showers, locker rooms, handrails, etc. As well as frequent and proper disposal of wastes
30. We’re maintaining suggested distances between umbrellas and sun beds on the beach.
31. The use of air conditioners is carried out without a system of air recirculation and with simultaneous ventilation from open doors and windows.
With a strong sense of responsibility, we commit to continue doing our best for your absolute safety, tirelessly and consistently.
We are hoping that the experience in our premices will reach your highest expectations and we wish you a good stay.
Warmest regards,
The team of Garden Palace Hotel